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Fellow Performer

Sara and I go way back. We have been friends since we were in elementary school, and our friendship has only grown since then. Sara is a performer based in the Philadelphia area. She has performed at theatre companies such as SALT Performing Arts and Steel River Playhouse. She is a STUNNING soprano and can sing musical theatre, classical, and jazz beautifully. 

The Headshot

We took this headshot to capture more mature side of Sara. Using the color red was a bold move and is something I normally do not suggest for my clients, however the color works very well with Sara's dark hair and overall aesthetic, so we ran with it. The resulting images were mature and eye-catching! We contrasted this look with a lavender top that plays much younger. The shots with the lavender shirt allow her to market herself for older teen roles, of which she is the perfect age range to play, since in the professional theatre, most older teen roles are played by actors and actresses who are in their early twenties. The result of this shoot was that Sara left with a variety of images that help her market herself for different types of roles that fall within her wheelhouse.

Location: Philadelphia, PA.

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