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I am Philadelphia’s go-to resource for professional headshots for all industries. I create many types of headshots, including:

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…and more!

Here, we have a real estate headshot for a Philadelphia real estate agent. He is a young, confident guy, so we played off that and got this image. The suit jacket gives a sense of maturity while the light yellow tie and blue shirt are relatable to a younger crowd. Overall, this is an excellent outfit for real estate headshots or any type of professional headshot. We captured this headshot while on location at one of his company’s rental units in Center City West/University City section of Philadelphia near 30th St. Station.

What makes this image so successful for Kevin is that not only does the image look modern, polished, and professional, but it also gains his clients trust by commutating that he is able to get the job done. Competitors with outdated/unprofessional headshots are communicating that they aren’t as invested or that they aren’t as professional. Kevin has the leg up here in his visual branding. The choice of using a studio light here gives the image a bit of extra polish vs. natural light which gives off a slightly more informal look. Either look an be effective, depending on what you are going for in your branding.

Fun fact, he is also a Philadelphia lawyer! This is a great headshot for use on his website for his law firm. Every law firm should have consistent professional headshots for its lawyers and employees.

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