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Business Headshots and Branding Images

Sessions for individuals and for corporate groups

Maximize your potential with headshots and branding images that:

  1. Increase your credibility
  2. Give your brand a cohesive look
  3. Establish you as a leader in your field
  4. Strengthen your visual brand
  5. Match your company or personal aesthetic


Headshots should not be complicated

Whether you are an individual coming to my studio or a large business in need of multiple photographers to shoot 200+ employees at your office, I am prepared to make every aspect of the shoot, from scheduling through receiving the retouched images, a streamlined experience for you.


How the process works

  1. Book your session
  2. Receive prep guide and prepare for your session
  3. Have a relaxed headshot session where I will guide you with posing, etc.
  4. Receive proof gallery and pick image(s) for retouching
  5. Receive retouched image(s) and reap the benefits of incredible headshots!


Branding Images

Branding photos are a fantastic addition to your shoot for use as website banners, social media banners, and to give potential clients a sleek look into your business. We can create content for your social media feeds in a single shoot, or on a monthly or quarterly schedule.


Philadelphia Corporate PhotographerCorporate Photographer Philly


Visit my business headshots pricing page for pricing information. Make sure to scroll down for corporate group pricing.


Commonly Asked Questions

How does pricing work?

If you are an individual looking for a heading session at my studio, my packages are listed on my headshot pricing page. For businesses and corporate shoots, I will create a custom quote for you based on your usage, the number of employees, how many headshots each employee will receive, how many group photos you will need, if you would like to add branding photos, etc. Contact me now to get your free custom quote.

Can we take lifestyle/branding images for our social media feeds and website?

Yes! We will create a custom package for you to take photos of your company that show you in action

Can we shoot at my company's office?

Sure can. My headshot kit is very portable and fits nicely in my car. I will set up at your location in as little as a 10'x10' space.

Can we shoot outside?

Absolutely. Outside, we can use the natural light or we can use my flash gear for a sleek look.

What are some add-on services you provide for corporate shoots?

What do I wear, and how do I do my hair?

Check out this extensive guide for all things relating to preparation.


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