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Headshots LA Kalen Allen

Headshots LA Kalen Allen

Unless you live under a rock, you have likely seen at least one of Kalen Allen’s hysterical food critic videos. You may have seen them on the Ellen DeGeneres show/EllenTube, on the Kalen Reacts Facebook page, or LA Weekly. Kalen is known for his hilariously brutal critique of outlandish cooking videos put out on social media. Kalen began creating his videos during his time at Philadelphia’s Temple University, where he was a double major in theatre (with a concentration in acting) and film, as well as a member of the honors program. His first video was actually made as a joke for his friends, but it went viral overnight. Kalen was soon discovered by Ellen and given a job offer. He subsequently moved to LA where he will continue to pursue a career as an actor and entertainer.  

LA Headshots for Theatre and Film

I had the privilege of seeing Kalen Allen as Carson in Ike Holter’s Hit the Wall. His performance was illustrious, deeply grounded, and highly moving. Kalen is one of those rare actors who is able to completely enter the truth of a character and not only give a highly-crafted performances, but give himself up to the greater message of the piece. In that sense, he is both incredibly skilled and humble on stage. As an actor, Kalen’s headshots are his strongest marketing tool in the audition room (besides what he brings to the table, of course). Kalen and I shot two looks: this look, in a black leather jacket against a black backdrop for a more dramatic, theatrical headshot, and another look in a white polo t-shirt again an off-white backdrop with a smile for a more commercial look. They were shot in my Philadelphia studio, although I do travel and shoot headshots in Los Angeles.

Location: Los Angeles, California.

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