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Actor Audition Tips: My Actor's Toolkit


Actor Audition Tips: Audiion bag Items

It’s bound to happen: you’re in the height of audition season feeling great about your next audition, you arrive at the audition studio, and you forgot to mark your cut in your music. No worries, you have plenty of time to fix this. You reach into your bag, and you have lost all of your pens and pencils. You have no ruler with you to make a clean cut, no highlighter to make the cut visible and to highlight tempo changes, and now, you are feeling not so good. DO NOT sabotage your auditions by being unprepared! I have created an Amazon list for you of all of the things you could need to bring to an audition (including the book bag!). I call it my Actor’s Toolkit. While it is not an exhaustive list, it is a fantastic starting point. You can add items to the Actor's Toolkit yourself to keep the list growing!

You can access the Actor's Toolkit here on Amazon. Just a heads up, I don't receive a kickback for purchases made from the Actor's Toolkit. Hopefully, this will help you put together the best kit for you to help you succeed in your auditions.

What makes this list so wonderful is that you can easily have these items shipped to your doorstep at a decent cost. Reordering is simple, and there are items on that list that I am sure never occurred to you to have for audition season! Here are some of my favorite items:

  • Clear Binder Pocket: This is one of my favorite little gems. I use it to store my headshots. It keeps them from getting crinkled on the edges, which can happen when you slip a lot of headshots into binder pockets. As a headshot photographer, this has always made me cringe. Why damage a perfectly good headshot?
  • Mobile Battery Pack: I am a Google Calendar ADDICT. I do not keep a physical calendar, so it is very important for me to have my phone (or laptop) charged when at an audition in order to double check that there will be absolutely no conflicts with a show. I've come dangerously close to a dead battery a couple of times. A mobile battery pack will help you avoid this fate.

    Mobile Battery Pack Philadelphia Headshots

  • Waterproof Binder Sleeve: This sleeve is actually intended for laptops, but it can serve double-duty as a protective sleeve for your book. Zip up your book inside of it to protect it from heavy rains - soaking wet sheet music is certainly no help in the audition room.

  • Non-Glare Sheet Protectors: Sheri Sanders, pop/rock MT aficionado, has said that the accompanist is your best friend in the audition room since they are a very large part in helping you communicate your story during your audition. Do not piss your accompanist off. Use non-glare sheet protectors to make your accompanists job easier.

  • Fontus Throat Lozenges: I discovered these gems at my college audition for Texas State. Created by Broadway performer Kaitlin Hopkins, now head of Musical Theatre at Texas State, these lozenges lightly coat your throat to help get you succeed in auditions when you are sick or have a dry throat. They also are delicious. Holla!

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