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Audition season is going to hit us faster than we think, which means we have to be PREPARED. The last thing we want is to show up to a call a hot mess. Take a bit of time to set your self up for success by acquiring the items that will keep you going through a busy audition circuit.

Here are my top 5 items for audition season:

1. Extra Deodorant

I know this is a given, but a healthy reminder had to be made. Do your fellow auditioners a solid by bringing an extra stick just in case. Antiperspirant is even better. Don’t forget to try to find a deodorant/antiperspirant that doesn’t leave white residue or stains on your clothes. This antiperspirant has 48 hour protection and doesn't leave a mark - success!

2. Stain Stick

I'll admit it, I am the absolute worst when it comes to staining my clothes. I refuse to buy anything in white because I am guaranteed to get something on it within a week of buying it. So many of us actors love to down tea at the first tickle in our throats. I would bet that man of us tea drinkers are also tea spillers. Grab a Tide to Go 3 pack of stain sticks for emergency situations. My guess is that Telsey doesn't think a large yellow mustard stain is a cute look.

3. A Well-Rounded Snack

Although I do like to do an audition on an empty stomach, I do recommend bringing a well-rounded snack to tie you over during a long audition. Try to find a good mix of protein, fat, and carbs to keep you going for long periods of time without feeling famished. My personal favorite is trail mix and a banana, although be careful about eating trail mix alone on an empty stomach if you have acid reflux like I do (that's where the banana helps out).

4. Listerine Cool Mint PocketPaks

Pop one of these bad boys on your tongue a few minutes before heading in to guarantee fresh breath without the time or residue created by a regular mint. You can grab a pack of 12 on Amazon pretty inexpensively. They are so compact that you could actually keep a pack of them in your audition binder for last-minute freshness!

5. Grether's Pastilles

Lindsay Mendez and Julia Murney SWEAR by them! They contain glycerin and vitamin C to lubricate your throat and to support your immune system while you hustle. They are available on Amazon in two flavors. Fun fact: they are from Switzerland! Of course, there are tons of other products/items I recommend (extra dance tights/dance belt, gel inserts for your shoes if it is a long day, extra bottle of contact solution, extra phone cord and charger, portable battery charger, pens and pencils, oil facial wipes, extra headshots prints, two highlighters, an extra belt, emergency pumps, etc.), but these are my top five. I wish you a wonderful summer and best of luck preparing for audition season!

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