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Planning For Your Theatre College Auditions


Let’s face it: planning for college auditions SUCKS. You have to research your schools, pick your schools, wean down your huge list, write down audition dates, schedule your audition circuit, get new headshots, update your resume, apply to your schools, pay the fees, complete your prescreens…ahh! It’s a lot.


When I went through my college auditions, I created a handful of spreadsheets to keep me organized. I’m a very visual person, so having the vast amounts of information I needed to keep track of laid out in front of me helped preserve my sanity so I could focus on things like my branding. But most of all, being organized helped me not sweat the small stuff so I could walk into each audition (including the six or so walk-ins I did at Unifieds) completely confident in myself, my rep, and what I had to offer to each school. I printed my spreadsheet on 11x17 paper to see everything right in front of me. 

Google Calendar

The last thing you want to happen is miss a deadline because you forgot a date and didn’t have it written down or put into your Google Calendar (if you are not already on Google Calendar, fix that ASAP!). This is why I have created templates for you to keep track of every aspect of college audition planning. These spreadsheets and documents are what I used for my own auditions, so I can say firsthand that they are going to be your saving grace in the heat of audition season. Summer is the perfect time to get these filled out. Make sure you enter all of the dates you put into your Master Spreadsheet into your calendar so you can keep track of upcoming due dates and deadlines.

Finding Information on College Auditions

To find the information for the spreadsheets, you will need to consult a variety of sources. Of course, check the school’s MT department website first for all information. Another great source is the school’s Acceptd page (or other pre-screen website equivalent). However, your best (and most direct) source of information is the musical theatre department’s admissions department. DO NOT CONFUSE THE GENERAL ADMISSIONS DEPARTMENT (ACADEMIC ADMISSIONS) OF THE UNIVERSITY WITH THE MT ADMISSIONS DEPARTMENT. They do not always talk to each other. The MT admissions office will have all information on your audition, and the academic admissions office will have information on your academic application, etc. 

Attached Planning Spreadsheets

The attached documents are formatted for Microsoft Office so they will open on a Mac or PC. I have also included a template for the Master Spreadsheet in the Apple Numbers format, because Excel runs poorly on Macs when you open a very large spreadsheet. 

Of course, if you have any questions about where to get information on your schools, please don’t hesitate to email me at mike@mikestyerphotography.com.


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