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Conshohocken Real Estate Headshots

Conshohocken Real Estate Headshots with HOW Real Estate

It's not every day that you take squirrel headshots. In fact, it never occurred to me that I would ever do such a thing. However, when I went to How Real Estate to take their team's headshots and branding images, I was informed that they have a resident squirrel named Rocky. You should know that I love squirrels, especially city squirrels. Rocky is not like most squirrels in that he won't attack you, but rather he will eat right out of your hand, and sometimes, he will run through the back door and into the office! I was able to get up close and snap a quick headshot of him before he ignored me and ate some nuts instead. It may or may not be one of my favorite headshots to date.

Of course, I took headshots for the rest of the HOW team as well. After the headshot were completed, we took group shots and then headed inside to create some gorgeous branding images for their website and social media profiles. The How Real Estate office is STUNNING. When you walk in the front door, you immediately notice the natural light coming through their meeting space (which has glass doors and a glass wall to let the light through) and the stunning blue color pallet that leads your eye up to their exposed balcony over the lobby. It is friendly and inviting, just like their team! You can see in the photos that they are the kind of people who are collaborative and inviting in finding the best space for you, or in helping you sell your existing property.  Many thanks to Jeff Rega for reaching out to me, and for taking me to Jimmy Johns. It truly one of Conshohocken's gems.

They are located conveniently in Conshohocken, right outside of Philadelphia's thriving Manayunk neighborhood.  Conshohocken (a.k.a. Conshy) is located right off of the Schuylkill River, which has a name that is equally as hard to spell as Conshohocken. The town is part of the Schuylkill River Trail, which has a train station right next to it. This makes commuting to and from Conshy a breeze. When you get off of the train, you are immediately greeted by a stunning view of high-rise offices that make you feel almost like you are in Philadelphia. However, walk a half mile up the hilly road and you will be greeted by the heart of Conshy, featuring many upscale local businesses. During the summer, it is a hotbed of activity. Try out Scoops if you find yourself in there on a summer night. Just be prepared for the line! Further eastward is Conshohocken's residential area, featuring stunning houses that many families call home. Here's to hoping for more squirrel headshots in Conshohocken!

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