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Neil, oh, Neil. What a character. I met this man performing in Footloose at the Fulton Theatre in Lancaster, PA. We affectionately called him "Squealius" (don't ask me why, I have absolutely no clue). Neil and I spent the better part of two hours walking around Lancaster, a quaint city about two hours out from Philadelphia, exploring different hidden locations and textures. It was scorching outside, but we were determined and trudged on anyway. Neil loves to try new things - each night, he improved a different death scene in front of Reverend Shaw in the show. Popular takes on the scene: The Wicked Witch melting reenactment, "seeing the light" and singing Ave Maria, and general moans of pain in tandem with jerky flailing across the stage. It truly was a sight. Neil brought this improvisational spirit to the shoot, and we had a great time shooting some promotional shots and headshots for him.

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