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Take Flight Learning - Team Builders Plus - Headshot Day Prep

How to Prepare for Headshots

Take Flight Learning | Team Builders Plus

Before the Shoot

A haircut three to four days before the headshot day is recommended if you would like to remove split ends or tidy up a short haircut.

The Night Before

  • Do not consume alcohol
  • Get a good night's rest; it makes a huge difference in your photos!
  • Drink lots of water to hydrate your skin and avoid chapped lips


  • Colors: Greens, blues, pastels. Avoid overly bright colors. This is casual/business casual - no need to wear a jacket/etc.
  • Feel bring to bring a couple of options - at the shoot, we will pick the one that looks best.
  • Avoid shirts with a low cut (you can see examples of a low cut in the example images below)


  • Makeup should be a light to medium amount (enough to show on camera but nothing over the top) - when in doubt, go with less makeup. I can't remove any makeup in Photoshop but I can always add some
  • No highlight/contouring - it does not read well in headshots at all. Trust me on this one! Your cheek bones will look great from the lighting, I promise!
  • Wear only a little mascara and very light eyeliner
  • No colored eyeshadow, intense lipstick, etc. (Subtle, neutral colors only)
  • Please make sure your makeup matches your skin tone and isn't too light, and blends well around your jawline and neck
  • Avoid any sort of sparkly/shimmering makeup like the plague
  • Bring your makeup and hair products with you to touch-up if needed
  • Wear your hair as you would to work. If you don't typically style your hair, this is an opportunity for you to do so. Watch out for strays and frizz.
  • Guys, makeup isn't necessary (a little cover-up over acne is totally fine)
  • Earrings and a subtle necklace are acceptable.

The general idea is to look natural for the camera. That's why we stick to neutral colors and don't over-define the eyes. The makeup is supposed to enhance your look without looking overdone or unnatural.


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