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Philly Headshot Photographer

Professional Headshot Photographer in Philly

Welcome! I am Mike Styer, a professional headshot photographer in Philly. I specialize in actor headshots, business headshots, corporate headshots, and headshots for creatives of all types, such as writers, illustrators, artists, dancers, vocalists, etc.

What Makes My Headshots Stand Out

My headshots are different from other headshots by Philadelphia headshot photographers because they are clean, crisp, and focused on making an emotional impact. I focus a lot on bringing attention to the eyes in my work. This is partly why I utilize monochromatic backdrops in most of my headshot work. The other reason is that the backdrops I use give a stunningly contemporary look that will never go out of style. That means that your shots will last as long as you look the same!

My Approach to Headshots

My approach to headshots is very different from other photographers. First and foremost, I am a professional actor, so I know exactly what a headshot needs to convey to be an effective tool for you and to impress casting directors. I approach each session from the perspective of a student; I am there to learn about you as an actor and person, and it is my duty to adapt to your energy and use the strategies that click with you in order to elicit genuine emotion and capture headshots that connect to your soul and true self. In other words, I’m going to make you comfortable and get headshots that show who you really are and what you bring to the table.

My Studio

The experience I offer at my Philadelphia photography studio is second to none. With private parking at my studio (which is based in the very accessible and safe Chestnut Hill neighborhood), you can be confident that you will have an easy time parking and will not have to worry about your car. My studio and private office offer a cozy, boutique environment for your session so you can be relaxed, comfortable, and focused. I often describe my space as my little corner of the world, as it feels connected to the suburbs and to the city, yet simultaneously feels like it is a haven tucked away from everything. You will know what I mean when you experience your own headshot session at my Chestnut Hill photography studio!

What Makes This Headshot Effective

In this shot, his striking blue eyes are the immediate focus. This was accomplished by using a light-grey background paired with a shirt that is the same colors as his eyes. This makes that color stand out when you first look at it. I also utilized a soft but defining light that is flattering to both the skin and bone structure.

Location: 92 Bethlehem Pike, Philadelphia, PA 19118.

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