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I take headshots that help you stand out from the pack and impress casting directors so you can confidently take your career to the next level.

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No actor wants to be overlooked. Stand out with headshots that:

  1. Give you confidence in the audition room
  2. Show different sides of your personality and playable types
  3. Represent who you are at your core and what you bring to the table
  4. Leave a lasting first-impression on casting directors
  5. Actually look like you
  6. You are guaranteed to love! (More on that below!)


Image courtesy of Flicker and Elm Photography

As an actor myself, I have my finger on the pulse of the industry.

I know exactly what casting directors are looking for in a headshot and how to capture that for you. You do not need to think you are "photogenic" or have any experience being photographed in order to get amazing results. I will guide you throughout the entire shoot and adapt to your energy in order to get headshots that capture your personality and make you look + feel amazing.

My clients have previously been seen on Broadway/on tour in:

Mean Girls, Miss Saigon, Mamma Mia!, Jersey Boys, CATS, Starlight Express, Joseph...Dreamcoat, West Side Story, Smokey Joe's Café, The Wizard of Oz, and on national television in shows such as Grey's Anatomy and Ellen.


I guarantee that you'll love your headshots.

In fact, I have a policy that if you don't love your headshots, you can come back for a reshoot at no cost. Still don't love your headshots? I'll refund you the full price. But I'm confident you will be obsessed with your new shots!

I promise that you'll get the best headshots you've ever had,
and you'll have fun doing it, too.
I invite you to my studio for your personalized headshot session!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is your turnaround time?

You select which images you would like to purchase immediately after your session. Together, we narrow down the images until you have made your final selection. I then send out your images for retouching and deliver them when I receive them back. My turnaround time is 1-2 weeks.

I offer rush services as an add-on if you need a faster turnaround.

Are all of the images from my session/all of the proofs included with my session?

Your session includes a download of the final retouched images you purchased. I do not send unedited images or offer proof galleries.

What if I am not photogenic?

Being photogenic just means that you have experience in front of the camera. If you don't have this experience (most of my clients do NOT), I will teach you everything you need to know to look your best in your photographs. Regardless, I will guide you through posing and I will walk you through exercises that elicit specific emotions in order to capture a diverse set of flattering, engaged images. I will customize my approach to you by adapting to your specific energy and what clicks with you. You don't need to be "photogenic" at all because I will be there to help you through the entire shoot! You will love your images.

Can we shoot outside?

YES! Although I primarily photograph headshots inside my studios with studio lighting, we can venture outside around the studio to get outdoor shots as well depending on weather and if we can squeeze that into the length of your session. My Exton studio is in a historic mansion with a beautiful property with trees, a pond, etc. and Philly and NYC shoots can take advantage of the city surrounding the studio.

Can I hire a hair and makeup artist to come to my shoot to do my hair and makeup?

Yes! I work with the area's best hair and makeup artists. My main artist, Hayley, primarily conducts hair and makeup services at her location less than ten minutes from my Exton studio but is happy to travel to my studio if you prefer. Payment + tip is sent directly by you to her. If you would like more information including her current pricing, I can send over her contact information to you upon request.

Do I need to bring special pants or shoes?

For a headshot session, that's not necessary, as your pants and shoes won't be visible in the photos. However, I believe that you should come feeling amazing, including your pants and shoes, because it helps inspire you during the shoot. Totally up to you, though. If you are more comfortable in shorts or yoga pants, go for it.

If you would like to shoot 3/4 images/full body images, bring full outfits including shoes, pants, etc.

Can I print my headshots wherever I want?

Of course!

Can I use these images on my website and social media?

Absolutely. No special permission necessary.

How do I book my session? What does the rest of the process look like?

1) Contact me for more information about the process, pricing, next steps, etc. We will pick a date and time for your session. I will take your name and contact information and a credit/debit card number to process your session fee. Once that's complete, you're on my calendar!

2) Complete a questionnaire so I can get to know you better, how exactly you would like to market yourself, and know where you are in your career or hobby.

3) Receive an appointment confirmation email with links to parking instructions and a thorough prep guide that answers any and all questions you may have about clothing, hair and makeup, etc.

4) Have a great time at your shoot! I will guide you through everything including getting comfortable in front of the camera, posing, outfit selection, etc. We will jam out to music of your choosing. Feel free to send over your favorite Spotify playlist.

5) Select the images you would like to purchase immediately after your session. I will be there to guide you on which images look best, how to select the best variety, etc. Plan on this taking 30 minutes or so. I'll process your payment for the images after you make your final selection.

6) Receive retouched image back once they are ready.

7) Celebrate!

Can you give me advice on how to do my hair + makeup and what clothes to bring?

YES! I actually have a comprehensive guide available here that walks you through everything. I recommend hiring a hair and makeup artist to do that for you at your shoot, but if you elect to do it yourself, the information is available in the guide. As always, you can reach out to me with any questions you have leading up to the shoot.

Reach out now for more information and to book your session.

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